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I have known Karren Alexander for about 2.5 years and have been indescribably impressed with Karren both as a professional and as a woman. I had spoken with Karren by phone many times before I had the pleasure of meeting her. We had several professional acquaintances in common; three of whom worked for me, and it was not until I actually met her that I learned that Karren had any physical difficulties. The point being that no one who knows Karren sees her as limited in any capacity. Karren has such a strong “can do” attitude, and such a loyal and healthy approach to dealing with her fellow humans that what one sees is a woman destined for success; and a star to which any fellow professional would be happy to “hitch their wagon”, rendering her a true motivator. Karren Alexander has the drive necessary to accomplish her goals without succumbing to the modern trend for using politics to get ahead. Her goals are accomplished the old fashioned way; honesty, hard work, courage and determination. Karren is an inspiration to everyone who comes into contact with her.

Shirley Kuder ePrimera


Karren Alexander is a visionary leader with an insightful awareness of what people need to succeed and how she can empower them for success. She has a bold determination to be successful and to help others succeed.

Karren has been a tremendous blessing to my career and me. I have had the pleasure of knowing her on a professional and personal level. My skill, talent, communication ability and confidence have been remarkably refined. She makes you look at things in a different and better way. She has given me more tools for personal growth. She has taught me how to find joy and purpose here on very easy terms.

Karen Kyser

Karren is an amazing woman. She is intelligent, articulate and insightful on how people can use challenges to open up endless possibilities instead of being knocked to the floor permanently. Her gift is teaching us all how to recognize and tap into the inner strength and beauty inherent in every human being and move forward in our relationships, our careers, and our lives. She brings a unique perspective to looking back and looking forward to find the positive and purpose in all of us.

Tanya Sharratt

Karrens' love for life, belief in herself and in God has been a source of admiration and motivation through the years and changed my outlook on dealing with life's challenges. Knowing her has made me see first hand that anything can be achieved with faith and perseverance. The words "you can't" makes her all the more determined to prove that "I can" ! As a motivational speaker to the young girls of our community, Karren demonstrates the importance of raising ones self esteem, loving yourself and not settling for less in any circumstance. She is a living testimony, that regardless of the obstacles we all may face ,be it physical, psychological or emotional, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Daryl Dabon

I first met or noticed Karren shortly after my arrival to the Forest Service in mid-1998. What caught me at first was the "preacher"-like voice coming from this young lady delivering some training or information related to the then new implementation of the agency financial system (FFIS). I thought she may have been a deaconess or a Baptist minister. Now having worked directly for her the last few years, I could relate to the spiritual presence portrayed in her voice as only someone blessed by God could have accomplished what she has in spite of her perceived physical difficulties. I marvel at how she must have been so believing in herself and God that she never gave up and never accepted what limitations others may have placed on her. She types, writes, picks up, carries, etc., not with artificial limbs or other man-made attachments, but with the nerves, muscles, and cartilage, etc. that God left intact in her arms. As a black, woman, director, in these times, being able to function just like any person with normal hands and fingers, Karren has proven that when you believe, you can accomplish. Visually, you are impressed, vocally, you are uplifted as that spiritual tone in her voice and sense of humor in her words, provides encouragement and purpose not only to struggling folks, but to "successful" ones as well. I could see Karren talking to kids, parents, professionals, groups, etc. about life, and related challenges.

Rico Clarke

You are such an amazing woman and I am so excited about your message to our students as a member of the selecting official panel. It is not often that I have heard a speaker who has the substance in the presentation which is also powerfully delivered. Thank you for the thoughtful preparation as well as your valuable time.

Lee Nightingale

“Mrs. Invisible Hands” is a woman of character, wisdom, and integrity and although she has endured many challenges from what some would consider a handicap; Mrs. Alexander always rises to the occasion and shows others that she can do anything regardless of her circumstances. She has a fearless, undaunted spirit and her mindset that failure is not an option is infectious. She has a smile that lights up a room and confidence that enables her to speak with boldness and empowers those who are around her to strive for excellence at all times. She is truly a genuinely beautiful person inside and out and this phenomenal woman will always breed success and prosperity. There is no doubt that God’s favor and blessing will always be upon her throughout the rest of her life.

Deborah Bush-Butler

I think that your most inspirational and motivational quality is your spirit. I consider myself an observer of people. I watch their mannerisms and reactions to others. Many people have either a puzzled or pitied look on their faces when they see your missing limbs. You have never allowed this to limit your expectations. You proudly walked down the aisle as one of the most beautiful brides that I have ever seen. You went wind surfing on your honeymoon, something that I would never attempt. You are one of the best volleyball players that I have ever seen. Your serve is awesome. The opposing team is overwhelmed by the velocity. You challenged the debutantes to set and achieve great goals in their lives. You were one of their favorite speakers because of your honesty and sincerity. You always strive for excellence in whatever you do. Your head is always held high and your eyes are sparkling with the anticipation of the next great achievement. I am proud and humbled to be your friend.

Charmaine Taylor

From the very first day I met Karren, I was impressed with her professional demeanor, positive attitude, outstanding communication skills and beautiful smile. She has never let her physical limitations place any limit on anything in her life. I am honored and blessed to have known her. Your life will be forever changed just by meeting and hearing her story.

Edna Knight

As an employee of Karren's, I learned to be proactive and highly motivated. Most importantly, Karren inspired me with her phenomenal love for Jesus Christ, who she is not ashamed to discuss. I heard her motivational sessions where she talked about or referenced the Lord. That as well assured me that she has a strong Christian walk with the Lord. Also, I have often heard her singing gospel songs/hymns or seen her reading the bible. That was evidence of her faith in the Lord. As a young Christian female, I often seek Karren's advice on many personal issues and I truly thank her for every minute of her time. Words cannot describe the type of inspiration she provides in her daily walk with the Lord. She demonstrates it through her work experience and expertise as a Director for the Financial Management. I love Karren. I thank her for believing in me and not giving up on me as I continue to learn my responsibilities as a Systems Accountant. One of her gifts definitely is teaching. She personally takes quality time to educate her staff. I have to admit, one thing I learned about Karren after several conversations was not to take her facial expressions personally because they can be intimidating at times. Regardless, she is a very loving, caring and inspiring individual, who has enriched my career path and personal life through the Lord. Thank you Karren for being who God intended for you to be as you go through this Christian journey with Him. Continue being a virtuous woman of God!!!

Christine Roye

I often share the story of how you encouraged/inspired me to accept job position. I jokingly say "you made me leave" but because of your unselfishness and encouragement, I've learned not to be stagnant in one place. One would say that you're a "tough cookie" but truthfully speaking, you're a hard working woman and you don't expect less from others. You view everyone as a leader, no matter the grade status and you expect them to behave as such. I've learned a lot from you and can honestly say that I am grateful for your toughness.

LaShawn Gayle

Karren is the most together and sweetest person I've met in a very long time. When I first met her I was like this is a strong woman. I met her on the metro and we hit it off immediately. She invited me to a play at her church and I even went to visit her Sunday service. I cannot stress what kind of person Karren is, I mean she really doesn't see herself as being handicap and after you get to know her neither do you ha,ha,ha,ha. I am so happy that God has brought her into my life. Thank you.

Alvinia B. Cooper

There are people that cross your path and there is nothing of great significance to remember about them. This is not the true of Karren Alexander. Karren inspires the best in you the moment you meet her. She is positive in every area of her life. Karren's spiritual persona resonates throughout her experiences and challenges. She is a role model for females of all ages. Karren has open doors for many to follow. She is an outstanding speaker, writer, and professional who is willing to share motivational/inspirational presentations for women to soar beyond expectations.

Peggy Javery

I wish everyone could have the pleasure of meeting or working with Karren Alexander as I have been able to do. What an inspiration to those who have been blessed by her presence in either a social or business environment! To sum up in a few words "Oprah, watch out !!!!! "

George Wren

We were anxious and looking forward to our new employee. We were getting an Accountant Trainee to assist in all those nasty financial details. Then, we were shocked to learn the trainee had a severe handicap … having no arms below the elbow.

We asked ourselves, how could this person possibly perform the tedious tasks required of this position … remember, this was long before computers were available to us; hence, we posted every transaction to the old-timey columnar paper with those “tiny columns”. How, indeed, could someone with no hands possibly enter data into those tiny spaces?

Soon Karren reported for work. A tall young black woman, confident and assured walked into our lives to prove how wrong we can sometimes be.

Much to our surprise, Karren demonstrated her capabilities in spite of what we perceived to be a handicap. She disproved our fears that she would be unable to perform and showed all of us just what she COULD do with those magical “elbows”. Not only did she have a beautiful “handwriting”, fitting perfectly in those “tiny columns” we were so worried about but she also operated the telephone, calculator and typewriter with aplomb. She had adapted so well to what we saw as a handicap and she overcame whatever difficulty that came her way. Was it easy? I’m sure it was not; but she did it with vigor and such a beautiful smile on her face.

In fact, I don’t think there was anything this lady couldn’t do …. Well, except maybe button that very top button on the back of her dress. So we gave her a little help with that. (Smile)

Karren has henceforth been a very important inspiration to me and many others as we’ve watched her climb the ladder of success within the Financial Management arena of the Forest Service. Being her very first supervisor and watching this success, has made me very proud of Karren and her accomplishments. It’s nice to know that I was there at the very beginning of her marvelous career. Keep moving forward, Karren. You have definitely achieved the

unbelieved. You are an inspiration for all !

Mary Jane Close, CGFM